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Is that really true? I mean, is it cheaper to write programs using javascript and Electron than a native GUI? It's cheaper to port, I'll grant you, compared to something written to target a native GUI. But, hell, even java and flash had a better memory and CPU story than Electron.

EDIT: Ok, to expand on this. Running a small number (< 5) of Electron-based applications on my MBP with 16GB of memory feels like running the same number of instances of Eclipse circa 2005 on my shitty, cheap HP laptop. Nothing else can run alongside them because they're so memory/CPU hungry. But here's the thing, computers have gotten better since 2005. What's the rationale for such poor performance with these apps? my computer has 8x the memory today (maybe more) than that one had. The clock is up by 2-3x. Cores increased by 4x.

There's no excuse for this in final, deliverable products.

> There's no excuse for this in final, deliverable products.

There is an excuse for it if you aren't willing to pay for faster software. Cheap is more important than fast for most software products.

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