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Having just gone through a lengthy review process identifying a suitable license for our soon to be open-source software which has a commercial aspect, and selected AGPLv3, I'm very curious to know what companies have it "categorically banned". We did some research and didn't find that anyone had an issue with it. Whilst AGPL does open up come grey-areas which aren't as well understood as GPL the general reason to use it seems to be as part of a dual licensing scheme where companies with AGPL issues can simply purchase a non-transferrable limited MIT license or similar.

Can you give me any more info on your sources?

Google bans it for example: https://opensource.google.com/docs/using/agpl-policy/.

I would also be surprised if Apple (being so allergic to the GPLv3) used AGPLv3 software, though that's just speculation.

There's a perennial discussion of AGPLv3 here on hacker news. A surprising number of projects select it, then revert to something less toxic to corporations.

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