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Are we watching this thing wake up right now?

We are seeing new requests from existing bots, the historical data is not shown on this map.

Gotcha. So yeah, we're seeing it wake up. The first little increase (up to 600) was about the time the article was published.

Where are you seeing this? This isn't historical data.

Here's a page with more info


Yeah it scrolls off to the left. So you came an hour after my comment and it was gone. Heck it was almost gone by my second comment.

If so, that is both scary and exciting.

it took me a while to realize this is live....

I am curious. How is this tracked? What signature or what component are they looking for to be able to say "Yeah, here is another one"?

I'm just curious and would like someone with more experience to weigh in.

EDIT: To add on further to my question, I wonder why it does not use a terrain / city / province overlay instead of all black? It seems it would be much more useful to us network and sysadmins out there just in case we realized "Oh, hey that dot is right on top of where we work out of. I should probably fire up WireShark or something and test for infected systems."

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