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That's not really a fair characterization, I think. For one thing, I've been lukewarm at best on the "LGBT movement", as you have it, for most of my life - and I really don't think that's because I "don't like seeing unusual couples in public", being as I'm gay myself and have been party to a few "unusual couples" in my own right. None of the conversations I've had, with others who weren't unalloyed supporters of the movement or indeed supporters at all, suggest that their own concerns were so shallowly founded, either.

I don't doubt that there are people who just don't like to see two men, or two women, holding hands. But I find no reason, of my own experience, to suspect they are any less outliers in that regard than some might imagine I myself must be.

What are your reasons for being lukewarm about the movement?

On second thought, you might want to keep those to yourself. I'm not sure how much "non-politically correct" talk is actually allowed here but I know it isn't much.

Political correctness is largely about not being bigoted. It's not strictly un-politically-correct to disagree with something that's a hot topic if your concerns are reasonable and presented politely.

I know I'm generalizing to make a point about ones views and comfort, but I'm curious what you would say your concerns are?

I should mention that by saying "LGBT movement" I'm referring to the overarching acceptance, not a specific or group of specific organizations. I know that these groups have their own issues, as is only human.

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