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Sure. The problem is that many people is not aware that $democracy != $(tyranny of the majority). E.g. people asking for "voting" in order to crush minorities, e.g. "we want to vote", so we can impose you a freak technocracy or ethnocracy (e.g. in the EU we have lots of micro-nationalisms willing to impose their totalitarian ethnocracy, travestying it as "democracy", with excuses based on "tradition", "language", or even genetic supremacist arguments -"we don't have the same DNA as our neighbors, so we deserve being an independent region", yes, that crazy-).

Religion fanaticism, romantic nationalism, and other anti-democratic trends are going to put us again on war.

Edit: s/etnocracy/ethnocracy/g

What about democracy suggests that tyranny of the majority is not a very probable failure mode? It's like a fission reactor with a positive void coefficient - the problem is not that it can't be run safely with sufficiently complex controls, but rather what happens when those complex controls themselves fail.

Well, in the EU we have regions ruled by people that explicitly say they'll go against the rule of law (say, and do, with any available law loopholes, wasting citizens money and time). So go figure the "quality" of the democracy in those regions.

> etnocracy

Do you mean "Ethnocracy", a form of government controlled by a particular ethnic group? I would have assumed this was just a typo, but you wrote it this way twice.

Yes, it was a typo (in my mother tongue it lacks the "h"). BTW, for ethnocracy I mean e.g. regions with 55% of people having language A, 35% people having language B, but because being ruled by people having language B (because in some provinces of that region the vote of one citizen is worth up to 3 times than in other more populated provinces) you have mandatory monolingual school and administration in language B (yes, that crazy -if you ask for bilingual/trilingual schools you're told "fascist" or "against the people"-). Go figure. That's the "democracy" we have in some regions in the European Union. That's why I want the EU becomes one unified country, so civil rights get respected, and totalitarian regional governments get forced to respect the rule of law, so citizen's civil rights get respected.

Which country, if you don't mind my asking?

Not a country, but a region inside a country. Enumerating countries members of the UE having "separatist" regions, you'll find at least 3 similar cases.

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