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Why smear the whole school with the actions of activists?

Good point, I should have been more careful characterizing to broadly.

Of course, a counter-protest is just a type of speech that should be protected.

It's tough to say what percent of the counter protestors thought that Milo/Coulter/Murray/etc shouldn't have been allowed on campus, and what percent just wanted to voice their displeasure and disagreement. That said, it does seem like a large number of those in the crowd actually didn't want the speakers to voice their opinions at all.

I wasn't aware the school's president was just an activist.

I wasn't aware that the president of the university was elected by the students and faculty to speak on their behalf.

This logic has never been held to consistently.

Why hold gun-owners responsible for a few nutters?

Why hold police responsible for a few bad apples?


Yes, there are more than 1 human and even 1 human would struggle to be logically consistent.

I think your analogies aren't going to work out very well if you try to carefully articulate them though.

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