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Did you read your own article?

"Non-discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression may very well be interpreted by the courts in the future to include the right to be identified by a person’s self identified pronoun. The Ontario Human Rights Commission, for example, in their Policy on Preventing Discrimination Because of Gender Identity and Expression states that gender harassment should include “ Refusing to refer to a person by their self-identified name and proper personal pronoun”. In other words, pronoun misuse may become actionable, though the Human Rights Tribunals and courts. And the remedies? Monetary damages, non-financial remedies (for example, ceasing the discriminatory practice or reinstatement to job) and public interest remedies (for example, changing hiring practices or developing non-discriminatory policies and procedures)."

Yes, I did. And I understand it in the context of two things - discrimination and hate crimes.

Deliberately, consistently, and maliciously misgendering someone is discrimination.

Doing so while punching them in the face, or calling for the death of all trans-gender people is a hate crime.

The fact that this was added to both discrimination, and hate crime statues is a non-brainer.

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