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Curiously Thailand's monarch himself spoke out against lese-majeste laws.

Oh no, poor monarch, if only he could do something about those laws, for example abolish them. But apparently he is powerless, and can only "speak out" against those laws, right?

I'm not an expert, but I do not think the Thai king can make law by edict any more than the king of the United Kingdom can.

I point it out mostly because I remembered reading an article where he said "people must be able to criticize me" and then days later people were prosecuted for doing just that.

You mean the same king who obtained his political power by directly supporting a coup (in the name of lèse-majesté) against the military government which was sidelining him?

And supported the Thammasat University massacre (also carried out in the name of lèse-majesté)?

I get that he'd spoken out at various times against it. But he also benefited enormously from it and wielded it when it suited his purposes. (Some of which were arguably for the greater good given what was happening in the region)

Hey, I'm not claiming he's an enlightened figure.

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