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My recovery included a regimented sleeping, eating, and exercise plan that I introduced in stages. If you have to pick just one to start with, it is a toss up between going to sleep at the same time every night or going for a walk every day.

I also never work overtime anymore.

Still not totally okay, but not completely burnt out anymore.

Can you expand on some of the details of your regimen? I'm having trouble getting myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour and I think it is strongly contributing to a growing sense of fatigue at work. Would be particularly interested in how you got started with it.

Yes, it is a simple regimen: At least a half hour before bed, turn down all lights and light-emitting objects. This means no computers or television. Do not do anything in your bed other than sleeping or sex. If you want to read until bedtime, move yourself to a different location, like a comfortable couch. If you are having trouble sleeping at a given time, you may try melatonin. I don't have to follow all of these rules now that I've developed the habit, but I find my sleep is significantly improved when I do. Oh, and don't go to sleep drunk, either.

I had really bad sleep issues for years and what finally fixed it was not keeping my phone, laptop, or desktop anywhere near the bedroom. When I was younger I would fall asleep quite naturally no matter what I was doing or where. But now, even if I wasn't on them, having them near to hand would keep me up. They sort of sabotaged that in-between phase, just before you fall asleep.

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