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I'm 65 and it says I am 39.

This is a wonderful app. I will use it every day!

It also picked up the colors in my aloha shirt perfectly. (Anyone who knows me knows that I am to aloha shirts as Steve Jobs was to black turtlenecks.)

When I want to feel young and go shopping for shirts, now I know what to do!

I'm a man and it thinks I'm a woman.

But it also scores me high for anger and sadness, despite (what I thought to be!) a rather neutral expression. Perhaps it knows more than we think :)

Hey! We should make a club. I am a 41 year old male and it recognized me as a 26 year old female. It recognized my wife at her age and gender until she took her glasses off. She lost ten years and stated, "I'm never wearing my glasses again!" Then, proceeded to walk straight into the wall.

As a 30 year old male who apparently looks 42, I hate all of you.

Take your glasses off (but check for walls before you do)..

I am a 22 year old male who looks like a 39 year old.

You can mess with it quite a bit by making different expressions and looking different directions.

Though I'm guessing it gets a lot more accurate when it can take and average multiple shots.

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