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I was blown away by the accuracy of Microsoft's https://how-old.net/ This just kicked it up a notch.

Counterpoint: this tool pegged my 8-year-old as 13 (and she looks younger than her age) and me as 56... well into the double-digit error zone.

Someone recently thought I was 30. People aren't any better than computers.

When I was 18, some lady at the community pancake breakfast in my grandpa's small town told my mom that 13 and younger are free. Humans make mistakes too.

Are you by chance of a specific ethnicity? (no offense). These systems fail spectacularly if the training set includes only certain ethnicities and the test-ee is not one of them.

If it fails, it fails spectacularly, worse than any human ever would.

When I was 18, someone thought I was 35. You apparently don't appreciate how failure-prone humans are.

It thinks I'm 91.

I am not 91.

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