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We just did a benchmarking for a PoC on DocumentDB side-by-side Cassandra. It does the job, I have not yet seen anything revolutionary. Cassandra benchmarks seemed better.

One key difference is the cost difference between running Cosmos DB and Cassandra. We have a TCO paper (https://aka.ms/documentdb-tco-paper) that shows that for a 1M operations/second workload, Cosmos DB is significantly 3x-10x cheaper than other systems.

And white papers are full of it. Has random things like s Cassandra cluster needs 1 full time engineer per 100 nodes. Where do you come up with this stuff?

In my experience of Cassandra (working on an application client, not managing it), one FTE per hundred nodes is extremely generous.

Do you mean that you typically need more engineers, or less?

The former. One FTE per dozen nodes is more in line with what I've seen in practice.

Given that this makes bolder claims that Cassandra, near-parity is pretty impressive, no?

(I don't know a ton about either technology, please correct me if I'm wrong)

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