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fexl, loom looks very interesting, and the maintainer (you?) actually touches up on some specific market-based ideas I've been sort of idly kicking around in the FAQ (e.g. phone service contract exchanges). Is there a way to get an invite/sponsorship to play around with the system?

Sure. I guess I could post it here, but maybe we could try hooking up at https://bonchat.org/9ff3842f90e90d5e with "katie tiny judd".

Or, more conventionally, visit the loom.cc web site and send an email from there (click Contact).

Please post and invite. I am sure many of us would like to try it.





The d9c4 is retracted.

The d302 is taken.




damn, I was to late. They have all been used. Sorry to be a PITA, but are you able to create a few more. Thanks.

Actually not, three are still available right now. I marked the two that were already taken.

Thank you sir. The two I tried happened to be the two that were used!


I have simplified the section titled "How do I use Loom to accept payments from customers on my web site?"


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