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So no, it's not even gratis, it's $500+ depending on how crappy hardware you want it to be tethered to.

That's a slippery slope to saying that OpenOffice for Windows isn't free software either because you have to buy a Windows box. This is not a useful definition of free you're using. GarageBand is not Libre software.

I dunno if it's a slippery slope starting at Garageband. I say the slippery slope starts at OpenOffice or GoogleDocs or something along those lines, given that OpenOffice could probably be run on a potato if you can find a way to install ubuntu on it and stick some RAM into it.

That's absurd, since OpenOffice runs in Linux, and is free, as in freedom.

when it comes to getting software, we've stopped including the price of the required computer since likeā€¦ 1995?

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