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Not much details though. Oh well.

The code in Research Unix V8, V9, and V10 is available. Alcaltel-Lucent made them public a couple months ago[0]. Here are the relevant URLs and file paths within the archives. I already had them on my hard drive and it was easy to grep them. I removed a few columns from the output of tar.



  12738 Jul 25  1985 usr/sys/inet/tcp_device.c


  13461 Aug  6  1986 ./sys/inet.old/old/tcp_device.c
  13457 Feb  3  1987 ./sys/inet.old/tcp_device.c
  13457 Feb 24  1987 ./sys/inet/tcp_device.c


  13542 Feb 20  1990 lsys/inet/tcp_device.c
  13622 Mar  9  1992 sys/inet/tcp_device.c

Edited to fix formatting.

Oh, nice! But I can't find the right man page.

V8 doesn't have a /dev/tcp man page but the interface is documented at /usr/include/sys/inet/tcp_user.h[0].

Here are the commands I used to identify the right file.

find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep -I "/dev/tcp" | less

[0] https://pastebin.com/8RT5vpH6

Edited to add the command sequence for the historical record.

Edited again to fix wording of the first sentence.

That's not very documented. How would someone use this?

V10 has a man page. Extract v10src.tar and look at man/adm/man4/tcp.4.

Okay, this I took a quick look at it, and this seems way to awkward to use from a shell script. It's pretty much C only. I guess Plan 9 does better.


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