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You would probably enjoy the book "Iron John", as written by Robert Bly. Your entry for today in the Improbable Ideas forum, was how things happened in the past. Children would go to work with their parents, in the pre-Industrial Revolution era.

Father was a blacksmith? Children would go with him, and sweep the floor, pump air into the furnaces, and organize things. As they matured (both in age and skills), their tasks would grow. Father's brother was a leather worker, so it was easy to send your kids to work with your brother, so they would see if they wanted to be blacksmiths or leather workers.

The Industrial Revolution destroyed the father-son relationship. Fathers would leave the house at 6:00am, and come back at 8:00pm. Young boys would have a blackhole regarding what their fathers did during the day. This blackhole, Bly argues, would get filled with "demons". Not voodoo-demons, yet "demons" in the sense of a "lack of knowing what my dad does every day".

In part, we as a society in the West have been suffering the effects of this destruction ever since. In the 80s and 90s, with the increase of mothers in the workforce, the same thing is now happening to the mother-daughter relationship. We have to wait a couple of generations to see what effect this has on women.

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