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I think you're misreading it, unless you have reason to believe that you've already given your permission. Either way, the regulation that Trump's EO overturns also allowed you to opt in if you wanted to.

non-anonymized, non-aggregate selling of ISP data is still outlawed by

Your statement is too strong. It's not outlawed. There is a relatively easy avenue for ISPs to sell this type of data, and it's written into the law, and not some sort of weird loophole. It is voluntary that they have not pursued it on their part.

I believe that pretty much every single customer has given their "permission" in that sense, the standard contract or terms&conditions would include language that says that you consent to such information "being processed by selected partners" or something like that.

Wouldn't a privacy policy cover "the prior written or electronic consent of the subscriber concerned"

If so, I don't know how the Obama regulation would have been any different.

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