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So, let's say you're currently using RS256 JWTs, and you want to migrate to ES256. Your JWTs are stored by clients in various places - some of them might be short-term, some long-term, so you don't want to invalidate old ones (RS256 isn't broken yet).

How do you tell RS256 and ES256 JWTs apart - so you can figure out how to validate them - unless the JWT actually encodes that information?

The trick is that JWT APIs need to force developers to choose which algorithms they want - having a `decode_jwt` function is not a good idea, `decode_es256_jwt` is much better. It'd validate that the alg in the header is correct, and return a specific error if it's not - if that error is returned, the developer can try `decode_rs256_jwt`.

This is how I've designed the API used in my OpenID Connect implementation. It works wonderfully.

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