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>I don't agree with him though, unless the standard requires to implement all of the available algorithms, one may choose to implement only those that he/she deems safe/worth.

Agreed. I view this flexibility as a developer feature, not a client feature.

Correct. Let's say you implement RSA2048 and server-side reject all other algorithms. Then during a security audit the crypto guy points out that RSA2048, while not broken per se, is not up to the generally-accepted 128-bit security threshold. You should use RSA-3078+ or switch to ECDSA. You decide to switch to ECDSA for the space savings. But what about all the deployed clients? Well since it's not actually broken, you continue to accept RSA-2048 for the next couple of years until something else permanently breaks support for old clients. Supporting client-specified algorithms lets you do a safe, phased-in upgrade without breaking compatibility or any fancy engineering.

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