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I really hate to be a naysayer, but this seems doomed to failure.

For a start, people don't want to be challenged. I'd love to know how much of the bubbling is self imposed. E.g. Ignoring everything else until Google, etc, gets the hint.

That and the fact that everyone seems to feel time poor. Sorting through what's valuable and what's not is a burden. I've tried handling the firehose new Hacker News, or even worse the RSS feeds for all the sites that typically posted. Doesn't last long.

Having said that there was an interesting paper on using Machine Learning to summarise the other day. I wonder if that could help with the snippets problem.

I feel bubbled by accident and I am actively trying to get out of it. That doesn't mean I would read anything, it just means I want more options presented to me through various avenues than currently are. But perhaps that's the issue.

As the internet and it's use has trended away from user driven discovery and toward curated feed driven discovery, it's become harder to pull yourself away from the feed of just-okay content and the content is in a very narrow band of safe vs interesting. It's also almost never productive, just mildly interesting.

My mind is bored and I know that's not from lack of available subjects. It's just that the pipes and feeds I set up have become stale. I don't believe more pipes are the answer, I believe a shift in paradigm is needed for me. Cut the pipes and retreat back to a curiosity driven discovery approach. HN doesn't know what I'm curious about at any given moment, nor can it know what discoveries would drive my development and progress forward, so it doesn't suffice.

I slowly let feeds and aggregators replace my curiosity and now I am out of practice. I'm not saying I need to replace HN and others, but certainly to be mindful that I shouldn't forget to find things for myself and limit how much of my mindshare I give to the aggregators.

To be cheesy, it seems I have the world of knowledge at my fingertips, but my hands lay still while content streams to my screen. I do not fetch knowledge to be used, I am fed knowledge to placate myself.

All this is grand exaggeration and I am much more functional than that makes it sound, but it's a real problem and I think many others are in the same boat.

Bring on the naysaying!

Regarding value: this is a complex subject. Within bubbles, I think value outside bubbles is often unfairly minimized. See American politics, for example. Most Democrats think ALL Republicans are stupid science-hating climate-change deniers, while most Republicans think ALL Democrats are history-deaf socialists. Neither mindset is true, but you'd never know it if you remain trapped in the other bubble.

But on a personal level, everyone's different. I have an internal alarm that goes off when I feel like I've been thinking a certain way for too long.

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