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> Most users don't care about compatibility, as Apple's success has clearly shown,

by having 3% of the desktop market and 10% of the smartphone market?

Apple has 18% of the smartphone market: http://www.idc.com/promo/smartphone-market-share/vendor

And 7% of the PC market:


And greater than 10% in the US.

Even those numbers don't exactly scream users don't care about compatibility.

Apple market cap: ~700B, Microsoft market cap ~500B.

It's almost like they are both successful but for different reasons.

Market cap is a meaningless metric. It tells more about state of mind of general public (greed vs. fear) than about company's well-being

How does having a higher market equal cap users don't care about compatibility?

Market cap is a lottery ticket.

I would assign more meaning to cash hoard:

Microsoft: ~$100 billion. Apple: ~$250 billion.

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