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In the Mac System 7-ish days, people used to earnestly warn each other not to name a file '.Sony' (a special name reserved for the floppy driver) as it supposedly trashed your HD. Although I've never heard of anyone reproducing it.

Trying to name a folder "trash" led to the error message "The name 'trash' is reserved for the operating system."

Now's your chance: https://archive.org/details/mac_MacOS_7.0.1_compilation

I'd try it myself, but I've only got my phone with me.

7.0.1 might be a little late, at least, for the supposed catastrophic results. It doesn't like the file at all but nothing dreadful seems to happen.

I tried it in that and System 6 (https://archive.org/details/mac_MacOS_6.0.8); System 6 actually didn't care at all. An interesting bug.

I haven't actually done so, but earlier versions are available if you know where to look (https://archive.org/details/mac_Paint_2).

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