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Use Nim

The author was using this as an opportunity to learn Rust so while it might look sort of crazy to use a systems programming language for build failure notification there was a reason behind their decision. Nim is a lovely language but in the author's case he doesn't really care about speed for the use case so if they were being strictly pragmatic they could have just stuck with Python.

Does that warrant being deprived of 2 of 190 or so points thereof of my hard earned karma?

Not that I am suggesting that you are the "hater" here.

The problem is that the author wanted to learn Rust. Your comment? "Use Nim."

Can you see how that it's not helpful, or a good addition to the conversation?

What!! Just as I was responding another of my hard earned points got deducted

Who are these mean Rustaceans?

Is Nim considered such a threat to Rust?

I guess people consider your comment not really helpful. Everyone could come into this thread and write "Use <favorite language here>".

If you'd have provided some good advantages of Nim in this case, or in general added to the discussion at hand, you might have gotten less downvotes.

Maybe you want to stop attacking a community directly, aswell... last time I checked this site wasn't Rustacean only.

Your post provided no content. Why should I even look at nim? I don't have time to look at every new language that comes along.

I'm so tired of these incessant incursions from the Nim Evangelism Strike Force!! :P

Sorry about that. These annoying posts led to a discussion on the language forum. The Nim community, generally speaking, does not seem to support this militant attitude.

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