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A good example is something like doing a "cp -a". To preserve hardlinks you'll need a mapping, trying to free that at exit can and will take time. This was an actual bug in the coreutils.

I have to wonder why the C standard library didn't include a Pascal-style mark/release allocator. A naive implementation wouldn't be much faster than free()'ing a bunch of allocations manually, but the general idea offers possibilities for optimization that otherwise aren't available to a conventional heap allocator.

Because (m)alloc predates mmap by a decade or so [1], and you expressly don't want stack-like allocation semantics when using malloc (otherwise you'd just put it on a/the stack).

[1] And you cannot have more than one heap without mmap. Without mmap, you only have sbrk = the one heap. On UNIX and those that pretend to be, anyway.

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