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Lack of focus, despite many years of research, literature, and attempts; interference with problematic techniques that have become really popular when alternatives sucked, like JSONP before CORS was ready, and before C-S-P was even thought of; worry about touching parts of the platform that have essentially been unchanged since the beginning vs. those parts that are fairly new and have in turn evolved quicker.

On subject of the new SameSite cookie, I wrote a post that summarized my views [1]; it doesn't make for good quoting, but I briefly recount the history of CSRF and how its mainstream knowledge came around 2006-2008, some 5 years after the first sources that mention mitigating against it -- but a 2008 academic paper on it credits "(...) Chris Shiflett and Jeremiah Grossman for tirelessly working to educate developers about CSRF attacks (...)" -- Shiflett being same person who first wrote about this in 2003, and Grossman the one who discovered this flaw in Gmail in 2006.

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=13691022

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