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The risk there is some parsers might carry on past the syntax error and try to continue parsing. This is JavaScript after all.

No, that’s not a real risk.

I’m not sure why this is downvoted. No JavaScript engine does that. “This is JavaScript after all” is ridiculous FUD.

I was sure I had used browsers which did that, if I didn't then sorry, I must be hallucinating.

I wouldn't call it FUD, I'm not suggesting don't use JavaScript, and we are already talking in this article about one crazy workaround because of the weirdness of modern jazz development!

The "this is JavaScript after all" referred to JavaScript tending to continue after errors (which it does in some cases, like a bad callback, or a whole file which didn't parse).

> one crazy workaround because of the weirdness of modern jazz development

Autocorrect of “JS”? If so: it’s not a modern weirdness; this is an old, long-fixed browser bug.

FWIW, JavaScript continues executing after errors in cases where it makes sense. If an event listener throws an error, it doesn’t make much sense for it to stop all future events without crashing the page (which is kind of what IE used to do with its script error message box, and we know how that turned out).

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