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This is the worst thing I've ever found, still not solved: https://github.com/crystal-lang/crystal/issues/4127

You must be kidding me. We hit a bug with the mysql2 gem where the client randomly crashes in libmariadbclient (but not libmysqlclient) only on debian (using Arch Linux and OS X for dev, but exact same versions of everything) and only for database names of length 25. And 28, but we cannot reproduce it on the repro docker image we made. And only if there are enough aliases in the query (could be as low as 5 but could need as much as 20+). And only if 'active_record' is require'd, but even when it's not used at all. And never ever under GDB or Valgrind, making it the perfect heisenbug.

That's a lot of stars to align there, but when they do, hell breaks lose just often enough to be sure it's not completely random, and obviously this hit one of our most finicky customers, and only in production because of course "#{customer}_production".size == 28 (and not 25, because nah that'd have been too easy to be able to reproduce the bug right away).

[0] bug: https://github.com/brianmario/mysql2/issues/822

[1] repro: https://github.com/adhoc-gti/mysql2_pointer_bug

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