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The problem is forgetting that dynamic memory usage is not "free" (as in "gratis" or "cheap"). In fact, using std::string for long-lived server processes doing intensive string processing (e.g. parsing, text processing, etc.) is already known to be suicidal since forever, because of memory fragmentation.

For high load backend processing data, you need at least a soft real-time approach: avoid dynamic memory usage at runtime (use dynamic memory just at process start-up or reconfig, and rely on stack allocation for small stuff, when possible).

I wrote a C library with exactly that purpose [1], in order to work with complex data (strings -UTF8, with many string functions for string processing-, vectors, maps, sets, bit sets) on heap or stack memory, with minimum memory fragmentation and suitable for soft/hard real-time requirements.

[1] https://github.com/faragon/libsrt

Maybe not enitrely related, but I had worked on a Java project where any new object creation was prohibited !

Had a VERY VERY hard time unlearning and catching up to that "paradigm" but I now have a much better perspective on "automatic memory management" .

>> The problem is forgetting that dynamic memory usage is not "free"

Totally Agree.

Are you still developing this project?


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