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Author of "Five reasons why a recession is a good time to start a company" responds to Hacker News (16thletter.com)
8 points by ilamont on Mar 21, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

The original Hacker News thread is here:


> "A recession forces [constraints] on a start-up - but those constraints aren’t BAD."

A blind person becomes efficient at reading braille and learns to use their hearing in ways I can only imagine. But it still sucks to be blind. Constraints are almost always bad--if you have a choice, start your company during boom times, not during a recession.

The author seems to agree, however "The viewpoint of the article is “since we’re in a recession…” not “if you could pick between recession or boom…” "

I do agree - completely. If you can pick between a boom time and a recession, pick the boom time. 100%. But if you are thinking of starting a comapny NOW, just because the recession is looming, doesn't mean that you should back away. There are good reasons to start now.

Ooh! I got quoted :) Fuzzy feeling ...

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