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I think you could swing that, you'd just have to dispatch a more complicated "action" (event/message) from the handler and write a master reducer that expects incoming actions (events) to contain their own state-managing (possibly, though not necessarily, static) method under some common interface, and called that method (returning its result). Basically each action/event would contain its own reducer, which the master reducer would call. Once done (pretty sure it'd be trivial?) you'd never have to look at your master reducer again.

It'd all live wherever you like, and be passed on to the master reducer via dispatch. Handler/"action"/reducer could live together, as you please.

It's possibly I'm wrong, as I've never done this, but I don't see why this or something fairly similar couldn't work, with little set-up.

That's actually technically possible with Redux, although it's generally considered bad practice.

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