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I am probably going to get downvoted to hell for this negative comment, but please stop doing this. I am really tired of seeing your "big list of links" everywhere I go[0][1]. If I click on anything even mildly related to React, Redux etc., on Reddit, HN etc. I always find the same thing.



Personally, I don't mind it. The resource seems genuinely relevant and useful, and the few lines it takes up as an HN comment don't significantly distract. While you may have seen it over and over again, that doesn't mean everyone in the community (and anyone new the community) has seen it. I'd rather have to skip over info I've seen before than make it less accessible.

If the content is not appropriate to make it a relevant addition to the discussion, then that should be the point of contention, not merely that you've seen it before.

I upvoted you. This feels a lot like marketing spam. I think we instinctively upvote comments like this, but we really don't need it on every react/redux post here. Is the list popular because it's useful or because the author tirelessly promotes it? No way to tell.

Besides the above, both react and redux have excellent official documentation, and tutorials get stale.

I agree that both the React and Redux docs are good, although I'm biased - I wrote the Redux FAQ and "Structuring Reducers" sections for the Redux docs.

That said, the official tutorials and reference sections can only cover so much info, and other articles often go into more detail. For example, the React docs discuss the idea of "controlled inputs", but Gosha Arinich's series of articles on React and forms [0] go into much more detail on the concept and how to apply it. The React docs mention immutability somewhat in the "Optimizing Performance" section, but there's other articles that discuss the why and how in greater detail [1].

Similarly, the Redux docs try to teach the basic concepts and important principles, but articles like "Redux Step by Step: A Simple and Robust Workflow for Real Life Apps" [3] and "Advanced Redux Entity Normalization" [4] go into a lot more detail on some useful real-world concerns.

In the last couple big React-related threads on HN, some people complained that there were no all-encompassing guides for React, the way there are for things like Django or Rails. A lot of that is because Django/Rails are much more convention-driven, so there really is more of an "official" way to do things. With React, people are free to pick and choose the pieces they want, and that means that a single guide is somewhat impractical. (The React team also does not want to try to push or enforce specific tools as "blessed", partly because Facebook has its own ways of using React that are different than the community, and also because they believe in letting the community build things that solve their own use cases.) As a result, in a lot of ways my list is about as close to a "guide" as you're probably going to find for React best practices and resources.

[0] https://goshakkk.name/on-forms-react/

[1] http://reactkungfu.com/2015/08/pros-and-cons-of-using-immuta...

[2] https://hackernoon.com/redux-step-by-step-a-simple-and-robus...

[3] https://medium.com/@dcousineau/advanced-redux-entity-normali...

Yeah, I paste the link in a lot of places, because people keep asking the same questions, and the vast majority of people who see my list find it helpful :)

It's really a case of XKCD's "Today's 10,000" ( https://xkcd.com/1053/ ). There's always some people who find out about something for the first time, and I'm trying to help those people.

FWIW, I do try to include those links as part of a larger comment relevant to the article or discussion at hand.

That was a wonderful XKCD reference, and an enlightened response. I had seen your Redux list before too, but I appreciated seeing it again as a reminder, it's relevant to the discussion and a great resource, especially for those starting to learn about the topic.

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