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Your "good"ness will present itself to you over the course of time. You'll be working at a startup and they'll lay off the entire development team, but ask you (and only you) to come back on a contract. You'll get a call out of the blue from somebody who's putting together a team and got your name from one of your old bosses who recommended you. These incidents might not mean much individually, but over a half dozen years you can assemble them to mean that you're good.

From there, you get something that's definitely not true of any other career (or at least only applies to a few). Doctors and lawyers generally don't get to disappear on year-long vacations and then drop back into their previous career path without missing a beat. Developers can. You can go on to lead the life you want, without having to think about how it will damage your career. It's all good from there.

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