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Isn't that true of any career though? As a college student who will soon be attempting to get a job (presumably as some sort of software developer, since I'm a CS major), I don't think saying "you'll find a job if you're good" really tells me much. I don't KNOW if I'm good. I'm confident in my comprehension of Computer Science topics, my ability to learn and find out things I don't know, and my ability to present myself well in an interview. Will that be enough for an entry level job?

Your "good"ness will present itself to you over the course of time. You'll be working at a startup and they'll lay off the entire development team, but ask you (and only you) to come back on a contract. You'll get a call out of the blue from somebody who's putting together a team and got your name from one of your old bosses who recommended you. These incidents might not mean much individually, but over a half dozen years you can assemble them to mean that you're good.

From there, you get something that's definitely not true of any other career (or at least only applies to a few). Doctors and lawyers generally don't get to disappear on year-long vacations and then drop back into their previous career path without missing a beat. Developers can. You can go on to lead the life you want, without having to think about how it will damage your career. It's all good from there.

Don't presume that you'll get a job as a software developer by virtue of having a CS major. You'll have to earn it or get lucky. By earn it, I generally mean that you have to be good at programming and be able to demonstrate it. Doing well in CS subjects is helpful but won't guarantee you a programming job.

That's a big part of why starting a company is so appealing for recent college graduates. You are forced to "earn it."

After a month in any entry-level job in any field, you'll know, and all your co-workers will know, if you're "good."

After a couple years of seeing code in the "job world", you will know if you are good or not. If you understand CS topics well and you enjoy hacking, then you are probably good.

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