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I don't feel the answer really apply to a 7th grade, but I still find the answer interesting. Of course, it's PG so lots of the answer were about startup which is a bit confusing. I stay that because, to the question: "What's the range of salary of a plumber?" Well, a plumber building a new kind of tools could get billionaire which isn't really answering the question.

Still, interesting read way better than apple evilness and "why my kids like ipad".

Still, answering ANY salary range question with "... or you can start a business" is such a refreshing outlook! Certainly not one I was exposed to in 7th grade.

The difference is that programmers characteristically start technology startups, and plumbers don't. You can verify this empirically by scanning the Forbes 400.

"The richest programmers, like Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, become billionaires."

I've often replied to people who ask 'why do you do programming' with 'there's been more billionaires under 40 from programming than any other field'. I admit to making it up, and don't know (or care) if it's true, but it certainly gives them something to think about and smash the nerdy-IT guy image they invariably have in their heads.

the father of one of my high school teachers was a plumber, who got moderately wealthy from inventing a new tool.

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