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Show HN: Melondream: Neural Network Erotica Stream (driftwheeler.com)
25 points by driftwheeler on May 4, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 27 comments

Second time posting this. Thanks to everyone who mailed us to report problems. The clustering is fixed and works extremely well now! There's a helpful error message when the firewall at work or on public wifi is dropping Melondream's UDP packets. (Melondream communicates via UDP fountain codes.)

We're looking for someone who's interested in commercializing this technology. The user experience is unprecedented. Right?

Melondream http://driftwheeler.com/

Use server ID "soft1"

Watch random images ("WANDER"). When you like one, see the rest of the photoset on repeat ("TRANCE"). To get more of some detail-- a pose, a hairstyle, some scenery-- press that part of the image ("DREAM").

For example, if you see a woman in panties, press the panties to see more girls wearing panties. If you like a woman's face, press her face to see similar faces. If you like a smile, press it to see more. If want more beach scenes, press the sand and water. If you want to see more girls in the woods, press the greenery. If you like to see girls posing on wooden chairs, press the chair. And so on.

This is a solution to the problem of large-scale unsupervised image clustering.


Tried to install on android emulator, works deadly slow, i can't understand what's the benefit as porn consumer for me. Make webapp, running fast enough, so i at least can use it...

Melondream is an app written in golang (using gomobile). It's almost entirely native code, with a small amount of java Android framework on top. Not clear how to translate such a thing into a webapp.

Surely you can imagine applications beyond pornography! The "soft1" server has tens of thousands of photos, indexed by content. Each photo has a web link (the VISIT button).

As for erotica, you can for example search this huge catalog of nudes by genital (vulva) structure. Find one you like, then see who it's attached to. Yes it's depraved, but...

Or faces. Search for faces with a feature you like.

Our decision to use IPv6 cost us more than 70% of our potential users. Melondream now uses UDP over IPv4.

The previous IPv6 client is no longer compatible with the server.

If you were among the hundreds of people who tried to connect but failed, we invite you to download the new client and try again. Enjoy.

If you succeeded to connect, and plan to connect again, you also must download the new client.

Does no work on my Nexus 5x (Android 7.1). Screenshot attached https://www.dropbox.com/s/0fhrueh9gv5s2a1/Screenshot_2017050...

Is there no "Server ID?" prompt?

When the keyboard appears, it should be asking you to enter a server ID (and you should type in "soft1").

I also have Nexus 5x. Black screen with input field but no prompt. Keyboard pops up but doesn't seem to give input.

Try the new APK, does it help?

"Error The local firewall is blocking my UDP packets. Do you have another way to connect to the Internet? (ErrFleet5)"

Ok! The Android problem is fixed (whew!), and now we're left with the fact that your network connection is blocking Melondream's packets.

Are you on a public WiFi network (library, coffeeshop, etc.) Or at work?

Can you use your phone's data plan, or your home Internet connection?

I've tried phone data and public. Same fail (and verified connection was indeed different.)

RichardHeart, as we discussed with Qyron below, the APK has been modified to print golang's standard library net package error message directly to the user.

If you get a moment, could you run the new APK and tell us what the net package is saying?

We expect something like "write to UDP6 ... network unreachable", but if would be informative if the error is something different.

Richard, we reverted this change after Qyron ran his test. Basically Melondream is failing to send an IPv6 UDP packet with an 8-byte payload. Maybe this is an Android 7.0 problem, or a problem with the interaction between golang's net package and Android. Sorry

We're really sorry about that, don't know how to proceed. App is failing to communicate using UDP, don't know why

Just to make sure the other problem is fixed, can you confirm that you see the "Server ID?" prompt?

I do get the server id prompt

Same error, android 7.0

When it prompts for a "Server ID?", you should enter "soft1", without the quotes.

Are you doing that?

On the first blank screen I try to input "soft1", then I see some sort of connection dialog but then I get error message which, again, is not visible. Attaching link to Dropbox folder with screenshots. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tagc4veaeco8umm/AAA2xcvvLQoM_lUh1...

The error message (which you can't see) is probably telling you that your Internet connection is blocking Melondream's UDP packets. Are you connecting from work or public WiFi?

Btw, the lesson here for developers is: don't use UDP, use TCP. We made a big mistake

Any idea when this mistake will be resolved?

The system was built from the ground up to use forward error correction over UDP. The point was to allow a much less expensive, super-efficient server. We had no idea how poorly UDP is treated on the Internet. Huge, fatal mistake

Ok, download the APK again, see if it fixes the problem.

The new APK changes the target SDK number to be 23 (Marshmallow, 6.0.1), since that's the latest we've tested against.

Thanks for the bug report!

Now interface works well. But still no connection. I've tried both cellular internet (where UDP is most probably blocked) and home WiFi which doesn't block UDP (for sure, I tried pinging from phone).

Qyron, you've been very helpful.

We uploaded a new APK that passes the golang net error message straight through to the app's user.

So instead of seeing the ErrFleet5 message, you will see "write to UDP6 .... network is unreachable" or something else.

If you have a moment, would you reinstall the APK, rerun Melondream, and tell us what the error message says?

Thank you for your time

It shows the exact message you have quoted: write udp6....network is unreachable.

Yeah, your device can't send an IPv6 UDP packet. Mysterious. Do you see IPv6 UDP working in other applications? Thanks again for your efforts.

We appreciate any bug reports. If Melondream is failing for you, a comment posted here with your Android version (e.g., Marshmallow 6.0.1) and the failure you're seeing (error message) is valuable to us. Thank you.

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