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You're not mistakenly thinking that 37Signals was liberated by VC, right? They were self-funded with consulting work. And David was just a freelancer for them at the beginning.

"Can you imagine if the team at 37 Signals did corporate consulting? They wouldn't be rock stars, they'd be design whores with no blog..."

Lots of people who have "real jobs" also have outsized online presences, have gone on to fame and relative fortune because of their off-hours OSS contributions.

Adding VC to the people who don't, sure isn't going to change their path.

I agree with your definition of entrepreneurship - a chance to lead, to do it your way, to have a voice in your own destiny.

Which is why I'd never, ever, ever take funding, and risk having to manage the expectations of someone whose goal wasn't a fabulous business, but the biggest/fastest exit possible.

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