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The person you're responding to did not make a claim about integration. They made a claim about racism. These are two related but different phenomena.

While that's true, there's different forms of racism. There are many people in Northern cities who have biases against blacks but wouldn't ever say it out loud (maybe wouldn't even know to say). The integration takes away from the idea that "blacks are lazy and whites are hard workers" at the very least, and I think it would be interesting to compare how people in different parts of the country subconsciously act on that "presumption".

I read an interesting article once that was talking about Clive Bundy (the rancher that faced off with the govt), and the PARTICULARS of his racism. Specifically, he had plenty of bad/wrong opinions about black people, but a grudging respect for Hispanics. The author theorized (reasonably) that this was because he was exposed to Hispanic workers, but his primary exposure to other people of color was media-based, so he bought into the "welfare queen" concept.

It was an interesting read, and showed that there is some value into looking at the specifics of people's prejudices.

My google-fu didn't find anything that felt like it was the article I read, but it did turn up a few articles on the same basic topic. Here's one: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/clive-bundy-the-spanis...

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