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Thanks for the thoughtful reply!

> My link was a direct response to your second link.

Yes, and they only take issue with the the claim that 94% of Tor requests to Cloudflare are malicious. It's a shame that Cloudflare hasn't responded with the data they requested, and it's fair to hold that against them. But I'm also not aware of a response from Tor regarding Cloudflare's desire to make automatic SSL certificate generation possible for .onion addresses.

As a huge fan of both organizations, I wish they would act like adults and work together, rather than spend so much time pointing fingers.

> If so, how is that practically different than just blocking tor?

Because Cloudflare allows their web sites to disable CAPTCHAs for Tor if they choose to.

> I think they are blocking tor, but explaining it in a diplomatic way.

We'll have to disagree on that. The Cloudflare post outlines not one, but two ways that the two organizations could work together to solve the problem.

But again, I agree it would be great if Cloudflare would release more detailed data about the attacks they see from Tor.

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