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Seems like back in the 60s-70s the thing to do was to get some land not too far (1-1.5hrs driving) from a reasonably sized town where there were jobs, get a trailer and then gradually build a house next to it and move there once it's ready. Or,save some money and buy a "proper" manufactured home. I know ppl whose parents did something along these lines.

One other thing I'd add is for a lot of these ppl the "expenses breakdown" is different from the typical suburban population. They don't place too much emphasis on the actual house being up to par with their "class" - but if you'd add up all the "toys" they own and spend significant sums of cash on - GUNS, ATVs, tractors, snowmobiles, boats, bikes, GUNS, hunting and fishing gear, GUNS etc - if you add all this up we're talking being able to afford a much better house.

> GUNS, ATVs, tractors, snowmobiles, boats, bikes, GUNS, hunting and fishing gear, GUNS

I'm curious why the emphasis on guns... Have you looked at the relative prices of these "toys"? You can buy a helluva an arsenal for the price of one ATV or tractor or snowmobile or boat or motorcycle. Shooting shit is actually one of the cheaper recreational pastimes in rural areas, especially now that the run on .22 LR ammunition is pretty much over.

Yes plinking is cheap these days, no doubt. I emphasized guns because they are typically the #1 thing that takes precedence over anything house-related unless we're talking some major malfunction that needs to be addressed.

And they do add up - an "average" household from the likes I'm talking about would typically have 2-3 diff caliber hunting rifles, maybe a bow, a 12 and a 20 shotgun, a 22 (typically one per member of the household - rugers for the kids, henrys for the grown ups :) ), not always but almost always an AR or Mini14 or an AK.

Then there are the handguns - there would be at least one but most of the time there would be an assortment - a 9mil, something more high powered like a 40 cal glock or a .357 revolver, maybe a Kimber 1911 but that one is optional :)

All of that adds up, especially with ammo. Which, after the shortages few years back ppl are still stocking up. Not like they used to, but more like - go buy a fishing lure and if the price is right pick up $100+ worth of ammo.

It's not the trailer itself that is proof of poverty. I know people who live in trailers on their own very large lots (dozens or hundreds of acres). Many of those folks are not poor, especially the ones who live within 30-45 minutes of a major metropolis.

But, the folks I'm speaking of don't own the land their house is parked on, even if they own the house itself. It's a difference of degree rather than kind, I guess, but a pretty big one nonetheless.

Yup, that's a different situation. Ppl I'm talking about don't typically have too much land - we're talking 1-2 acres which we're talking about 2k per acre tops around here unless you're close to some body of water or a prime hunting land.

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