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TraceView | node.js Senior Developer | Vancouver, British Columbia | Onsite, Fulltime

We’re looking for someone who’s immersed in the Node.js ecosystem--with bonus points for fluency in Ruby, Python, or Go, and really wow us if you have a systems generalist bent. You’ll be combining an eye for performance with digging into the intricacies of V8 and native extensions. If you have a passion for constantly learning new libraries and deciphering how they work, and enjoy working deep under the covers of the runtime, then we’d like you to join our talented and growing development team.

Qualifications: Deep understanding of Node.js internals, including code profiling techniques Detailed knowledge of the Node.js web ecosystem, understanding how the most popular libraries are used Solid understanding the javascript concurrency model Experience writing performant web applications in at least two server-side languages B.Sc. in Engineering or Computer Science or equivalent education Minimum 4 years experience developing software in a commercial environment Excellent communication skills with a passion for sharing new ideas in a dynamic environment

If interested, please apply online at: http://solarwinds.jobs/vancouver-bc/nodejs-senior-developer/...

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