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For anyone unfamiliar with CRISPR, I strongly recommend this quick introduction video from Kurzgesagt on YouTube:


There is a great radiolab podcast on it as well. http://www.radiolab.org/story/update-crispr/

I wanted to post the same thing. That episode of radiolab was great.

While we're at the video recommendations, it would be remiss to omit


As fun as it is, Tim Blais works hard to make hardcore science engaging.

This video was published in 2016-10, and contains this exquisite quote (around 6'):

> In 2015, scientists use CRISPR to cut the HIV virus out of living cells from patients in the lab, proving it was possible. Only a year later they carried out a larger scale project with rats that had the HIV virus <sic> in basically all of their body cells. By simply injecting CRISPR into the rats tails they were able to remove more than 50% of the virus from cells all over the body. In a few decades, a CRISPR therapy might cure HIV and other retroviruses ...

This video is how I originally heard of CRISPR, and it's still the best video I have seen on the subject.

One of the best Youtube channels across categories

For french users, this basic video describes the principle of CRISPR/CAS9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYVE05egjPg

I'll add a nod to the Kurzgesagt CRISPR video recommendation. It is really nice introduction to the discovery of CAS9, CRISPR as a DNA editing technique, and the fast evolving possibilities of CRISPR.

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