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> even though we won't tell you exactly how it works or why it's so critical

This is their entire argument for the ME. Seriously, try to find deeply technical information on the ME. You can't. It's not public.

The best you can find are some books about the ME, written by former Intel engineers, who are still shockingly vague about what it actually does. Most "technical" books on the ME just repeat the Intel marketing drivel with marginally more (although still completely useless) technical detail. [0]

I've read some books on the ME because I wanted to understand better what it did. All I got was it has some magic sauce for content owners who want to DRM the heck out of their content, and it can emulate a TPM for OEMs who are too cheap to spring for a hardware TPM (although I've never actually seen this done).

[0] http://www.apress.com/us/book/9781430265719

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