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QuantumWise | GUI software developer (Python/C++/Qt/PyQt) | Copenhagen, Denmark | Full Time, Onsite

QuantumWise is a mid-sized company (approx. 30 people) located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our product, Virtual NanoLab, is used for atomic-scale modelling in the fields of electronics, materials science, and chemistry. Don't let the heavy focus on science discourage you, though! We're looking for an additional member for our GUI team (currently three people). Some familiarity with developing Qt or PyQt applications is required, and experience with OpenGL is also welcomed.

The application process consists of solving an exercise. After the exercise there is a skype interview, and if all goes well we'll fly you over to Copenhagen to have a final chat. You can find the application and exercise here: http://quantumwise.com/about-us/jobs#1046

edit: Don't forget to mention you're coming from HN ;)

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