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Yoyo Wallet | Software Engineer | London, UK | http://yoyowallet.com

If you are looking to join a fun, fast growing FinTech firm, keep reading. We were recently chosen by KPMG as one of 50 FinTechs to watch globally. Now in our 4th year, we are in over 40 UK universities, over 100 corporate locations and have a global presence with business in the US, Spain, Ireland and Singapore.

The Yoyo Wallet product comprises of iOS and Android apps that talk to a suite of APIs powered by the Yoyo platform. We use a service-oriented architecture to support real-time, high-volume transactions that consistently deliver sub-one-second response times at the point-of-sale.

We are hiring for Backend Engineers, DevOps, Android Engineers and iOS Engineers.

* BACKEND STACK: includes (but is not limited to): Python, Django, Event messaging and RESTful APIs, Micro-Services Oriented Architecture, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, RabbitMQ, Celery, Puppet, Fabric, Docker, CircleCI / Continuous Deployment via ChatOps, and is hosted on AWS.

* ANDROID STACK: Includes Kotlin, Java, Retrofit, SQLite, RxJava, Gradle

* IOS STACK: Includes Swift 3, RxSwift, Alamofire, Realm

Apply at https://boards.greenhouse.io/yoyowallet

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