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SmartStream Tech | Software Developer | Center City, Philadelphia, PA | Full-Time, ONSITE

The ideal candidate is:

Looking for fantastic work/life balance - no stress, few meetings, no overtime, no assigned work, permanent 10% weekly research time ‚Äč

Polyglot-comfortable - doesn't mind learning C#, F#, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and sometimes working in all five in one day

Loves pair-programming/TDD - is excited to work with a talented team - mentoring and being mentored 100% of the time

Tolerates occasionally grungy work needed to maintain an enormous C#/F# banking application used by the majority of the world's biggest banks

Comfortable working without a tech lead - we have no leads, every pair is trusted to design the best solutions without being told or supervised in a self-organizing team

Intrinsic desire to learn and improve - We are always learning and pushing into new areas: currently some are researching and writing proposals for an AWS-hosted version of our system. Several others are studying linear programming to better develop an in-progress optimization system using CPLEX. Others are studying dependent-typed programming with proof assistants in an experiment to formally prove parts of our system. A couple team-mates are doing broad improvements across our 4.6 million line codebase designed to make it more type-safe with fewer bugs.

Feel free to email me for more info at steven.shogren@smartstream-stp.com. The interview process is whiteboard-free, no memorization, no algorithms. We pair program together working on several small projects for a day.

We are a small team that opens up positions rarely: this is the first position we've opened up in years without a waiting list of pre-screened candidates. The pay for the current position is average for Philly for a developer with 3-5 years of experience. If you've got a lot more and are a really great fit let's talk anyway and we'll see what we can do. Worst case you get on the waiting list for the next position ;)

For more information about our self-organizing practices, see here: http://deliberate-software.com/categories/self-organization/

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