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I lead the DevRel team for Web and Chrome so please take anything I say with a hint of bias....

I've found it pretty easy to use so far - https://paul.kinlan.me/chrome-on-home/ and got it deployed in a number of environments including AppEngine. We are planning on getting this deployed in our [WebFundamentals](https://github.com/google/WebFundamentals/blob/master/.travi...) Travis script to run automated testing on our dev docs site.

Some things that I found hard: no documentation on how to get it running in a CI yet - some devs (Justin Ribeiro - https://hub.docker.com/r/justinribeiro/chrome-headless/) got a docker file all set up which helped a lot, the devtools protocol whilst it has docs wasn't quite as simple as I had hoped and I had to guess of how to call the node library.

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