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Stream.io | Backend Developer, Golang | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | ONSITE, Full time, https://getstream.io

We're currently expanding our core development team in Amsterdam and are looking for a talented Gopher. Our ideal candidate has years of experience building complex systems at scale.

Our stack

  * Python/RabbitMQ/ZeroMQ/Golang/NodeJS
  * AWS/Softlayer/GCE
  * Cassandra/Postgresql/Redis/Memcached/RocksDB
Skills and requirements

  * Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or prior engineering experience 
  * Experience building complex high performance software 
  * You are fluent with Go and at least a 2nd language like Python, Erlang, Scala or similar
  * In-depth experience with SQL database
  * Memcached/Redis
What we offer

  * Work on nice-to-have problems (millions of HTTP requests every day)
  * Competitive salary 
  * Dev setup of your choice
  * Equity
About the product:

Stream is an API for building, scaling and personalizing feeds. The technology relies heavily on Cassandra and machine learning. Stream powers the feeds for over 50 million end users and handles billion feed updates every day. Our customers include small startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. Building a scalable, highly available, secure and performant feed infrastructure is a hard problem.

About our company:

Stream was founded in The Netherlands and participated in Techstars in NY. We now have offices in both Amsterdam and Boulder, Colorado. Find out more about the company and team: https://getstream.io/team/

Interview process:

  * Phone call for high-level tech background and culture fit  
  * On-site technical interview (no whiteboards/tests) 
  * Offer
Apply online at https://goo.gl/fYY8WY or email tommaso@getstream.io

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