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Avaaz Foundation | full-time | REMOTE | https://avaaz.org

Avaaz is changing the world, and we’ll give you the means to change it, too. We are a nimble team working on creating opportunities to bring about the world most people everywhere want -- one of justice, peace, and freedom. Check us out here for more information about who we are: https://avaaz.org/page/en/about/ and the impact our work has: https://avaaz.org/page/en/highlights/

Our tech build comprises the latest technologies (cloud computing, distributed systems, big data) using great languages (Python, PHP, JS) with proven and cutting-edge datastores (MySQL, Redis, Memcache, Redshift).

At Avaaz, your work will have an impact on a huge scale: we have more than 40 million members, who have taken over 200 million actions, told over 500 million friends about Avaaz campaigns and donated more than $100 million online.

We value professionalism, autonomy, and healthy work-life balance. Salary is competitive in the non-profit space with generous benefits.

We are looking for:

- Junior/Senior Security Officer https://avaaz.org/en/hiring/#op-161016-juniorsenior-security...

- DevOps Engineer https://avaaz.org/en/hiring/#op-80262-devops-engineer

- Senior Software Developers https://avaaz.org/en/hiring/#op-45362-senior-software-develo...

- Technical Project Manager/Online Campaigner https://avaaz.org/en/hiring/#op-97764-technical-project-mana...

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