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Avant | Software Engineer, Full Stack | Chicago, IL | https://avant.com/jobs

We are revolutionizing the world of lending by lowering the costs and barriers of borrowing for everyday people. At our core, we are a tech company that builds advanced technology platforms and uses custom analytics to expand access to credit. Today, our platform helps underserved consumers find fair and fast installment loans. Tomorrow we plan to use our world class technology and underwriting capabilities to launch new products and services that help people improve their financial lives.

Avant is looking for a new Software Engineer to join the Product Development team in Chicago. You will be responsible for building features as part of our pre-issuance team or post-issuance team, or business operations team. As a member of the pre-issuance team, you will be responsible for writing the software that powers our credit decisioning, credit pricing, fraud prevention, customer verification, and credit reports. As a member of the post-issuance team, you will be responsible for our accounting system, communicating with banks and credit card gateways, and enabling scale on our treasury platform. As a member of the business operations team, you will be responsible for creating workflows and the backend that powers internal service tools. You must be a pragmatic generalist programmer who will not only help execute, but also one that will provide a strong voice for technological direction of backend systems at Avant.

I will new grad completing my MS and in chicago and are there any entry level roles

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