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Jovio | Sr. Software Engineer | Austin, TX | ONSITE | FULLTIME | Jovio.com

Jovio is a new real estate company on a mission to build a platform to modernize the way homes are sold. Using an interactive AI-driven interface, an innovative home valuation model and a library of refreshingly simple forms, we're redefining homeownership and inventing a few words along the way.

We’re looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer, one of the first to join the Jovio engineering team in Austin, TX. As a necessarily impactful contributor to the successful launch of the MVP, ideal candidates will have at least a few years’ professional experience developing responsive, end-to-end web applications with Ruby on Rails, using a relational database like MySQL or PostgreSQL, and exposure to front-end JavaScript web technology like React (what we’re using). We integrate with various RESTful APIs and plan to augment our data with bulk data delivery from industry partners.

You’ll collaborate with the founding CEO, our Technical Lead, and an accomplished technical advisor with 30+ years’ experience. We have been working with a software development firm to build out the MVP (they’ve done this for other successful venture-backed US companies), and you will collaborate with them as we transition ownership of the code to you and the in-house team in Austin.

In sum, this is a unique opportunity to join an early stage, well-funded tech-centric company and learn a massive amount while accelerating your career in a high-stakes industry where you are directly participating in ensuring the rewards outweigh the risks.

Contact: devin@jovio.com

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